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Labels and Boxes – Where do you fit?

There are hundreds of terms for the way we live our lives, the lifestyles we chose to lead and our sexual preferences. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up in this ever growing and ever changing, fast paced world we live in today.

Escorting is no secret and has been around as long as we have had sexual urges and desires which is since, like, forever right?

So with so many labels and likes out there today how do you know what’s right for you and how do you even know what category you fall into?

There are categories on most good escort websites now to make your browsing experience a little more bearable and with the many types of sexualities today the category list is an ever evolving beast. Here are some explanations for each area which will hopefully clear up any grey areas you may currently have:

A metrosexual is a young and single gentleman with a good disposable income and is also working in or around the city. David Beckham is said to be the biggest metrosexual in Britain. If that is the case i think most if us want a metrosexual on our arm! Metrosex Escorts can be requested from most reputable escort agencies nowadays and a metrosex escort can not be defined to straight or gay so specify your preferences if booking yourself a metrosex escort please. This is an ever growing popularity in the sexy world of escorting – requests for a metrosex escort have risen by 33% in the past 5 years.

Spornosexuals have now emerged and are said to be cut from the same cloth as our beloved metrosexuals but are even more sex and body obsessed than their predecessors. Requests for a Spornosexual Escort has risen by 8% over the past 5 years – almost catching up with the call for metrosex escorts.

Lumbersexuals are now up there on the lists too – This is the type of guy who wears baggier clothing than that of the drain pipe trousered metrosex guys we saw earlier. Usually donning a beard and looking like he could fell pine – this guy can usually be found behind a desk rather than behind a chainsaw and are the nerdy types we are now starting to swoon over. A lumbersexual would argue that the more rugged outdoor look makes more sense as is comfier and more functional than that of skinny jeans and slicked back hair. We would say that this is set to overtake the metrosex escorts and spornosexual escorts in the next 3 years for sure – unless yet more categories emerge between now and then which wouldn’t surprise is to be honesty